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C Cane - SBTV A64


This has to be one of my most favorite performances from C Cane to date. Its not too long ago that she had her SBTV debut. She recently hooked up with Jamal Edwards at SBTV to get in the studio to lay this down. Her song “Only You” is receiving great admiration from peers and fans on and offline. There is not many people know exactly how many instruments that ‘C’ can play. A little bird told me that you may be seeing her on the piano at some point in the near future also. Something to keep an eye out for.

With this rendition of her original song entitled “Only You” she plays on her guitar, sings and raps the vocals with ease. The song is a a story of two friends, one of them has fallen for the other but the feeling is not mutual. The way she delivers, everyone can relate. She mixes it up with her familiar rapid 140bpm flow and hits it home with her singing on the chorus. This is no surprise to the ‘day one’ fans that caught on to C Cane from early that she can deliver this type of performance. Only You certainly has been an eye-opener for many that were not aware of the young musician and have since switched on. Check out some of the YouTube comments.

If you have been crawling the unsigned scene long enough to catch ‘C’ performing this live (this rarely appears in her sets) then you know exactly what the atmosphere is like when she performs this track. You can catch up on some C Cane below if you have never seen her live. Check out a few clips i put together below and see the crowd reaction for yourself. Just put in your email address and it will open up for you.

You can catch her on all socials with her tag @officialccane and watch out for even more later this year from the London Female.

Take a look at her A64 below @officialccane

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