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The header says it all, so we thought we should give you some insight into one of the key roles in music, the production. Producers are important In any music production operation and here we shine some light on our official first signing Timotheus “FT” Lawson. Somewhat of a local legend in Milton Keynes known for producing music and being involved pushing music out in his community, I asked FT to contribute something to the blog and give some more insight into what his life’s like.


This guys repertoire for a UK producer is pretty incredible, and coming from the rise of grime hes been about it from day dot. Hit songs like “Sing-A-Long” was produced by this guy and that definitely ranks among one of the best known UK Grime Classics. More recently FT aka Mashcine Man Tim aka Junction 13 produced for the critically acclaimed UK Rap album “One Foot Out” by Nines. Credit where credit is due, he’s doing bits. It doesn’t stop there, under the production alias “Junction 13” he has released house music (yes i said it, house music). Early in 2016 UK independent house label giant Defected scooped up a few bits on single deals with one of them being “Morning Rain” which was bubbling on compilations and playlists summer last year.


But that’s enough of an introduction from me…you came here to read the blog right? check it out below.I’ve dropped in a couple of tracks you can stream here too, so hook up your Bluetooth speakers and get ready for your Bank Holiday Weekend.

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by Timeotheus “FT” Lawson

I was asked to write an introduction to me as an artist & producer and explain what exactly it is I do musically. To my surprise a lot of people don’t quite know what I do, or are only aware of one of the many things I delve into. This was a great opportunity for me to try and explain it all so here I go.

I have been immersed in music since I was 14 years old, I’m now 29 years old and still as passionate and excited as I was on day one. I started off in the era of Garage crossing over to Grime and started making music influenced by the likes of Ms Dynamite, So solid crew, Heartless crew and the American influences such as Tupac and Eminem.

I was also raised in the church which unbeknown to me at the time would influence my tastes in instrumentation and vocal delivery. Armed with a cracked version of Fruityloops version 3 I started to create instrumentals simply because I didn’t know many producers and I wanted to be a ‘badman mc’ with his own songs.



I hooked up with some Mates who were doing music, joined their Crew (IMP BATCH) and started cutting my beats on vinyl. I Was mc’ing and producing on pirate radio, songs, and live shows up and down the country by the age of 16 and soon produced a song that would change my life at the time. That song was ‘Crazy Titch’ singalong, a seminal Grime classic from an MC who at the time was deep in a highly publicized feud with Dizzee rascal. This song has lasted the test of time and still gets played to this day, it also allowed me to work with various other artists and still opens doors today.

I then embarked on a mission to be a successful solo artist self releasing a mixtape in HMV and physically selling a thousand copies on road armed with boxes of cd’s. This was a fun time, Highlights included my first music video premiering on MTV BASE, topping the Channel U charts and delivering the Iconic ‘out in the street’ Mk street video.

I then released a few other visuals, a few mixtapes. After a few more years I made the decision to hang up the microphone and concentrate solely on Production. For me this was a simple decision to make because I still got to work with my favorite artists, and because I had been an mc I still felt as if I could give input where needed. I have never limited myself genre wise, I love R&B, Garage, House, Grime, Hip-Hop new and old and anything injected with Soul.


I have managed to create something relevant that slots in with whatever trend was current and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists. Some are already established and others are up and coming artists which is my favorite part. I love being involved in the emergence of new talent and nothing excites me more than helping someone create their signature sound and go from unknown to known.

I’m lucky to have always found and placed myself in the environment to be given opportunities to work with great people. In the game of music not everything you work on will actually see the light of day (something which can be extremely frustrating). But its humbling to know that you are asked to work on music for people you view as legendary and simply get considered for involvement .

My mantra is to work with as many talented people I believe in as possible and to only make music I love and can be proud of. I didn’t always think like this though, its come with time and experience. Energy is everything and I tend to dodge people I don’t vibe with even if I respect their work or talent. When its all said and done I want to leave a legacy of being great at what I do and true to myself.

I work with Many artists from the New money Roster and beyond and you can usually catch me on my Maschine snapping my head aggressively (out of time apparently).



@thejunction13 @maschinemantim



On the day of posting this blog, ts an eve before the debut DJ set from Junction 13, held in a warehouse Milton Keynes New Money’s sub label Awake @awakerec returns with a line up to get all shufflers shuffling. You can buy tickets here on Skiddle and see the flyer below for full details and address.

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