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Heartless Crew Bring Out Mils at Sidewinder

Growing up, I was lucky to have an older sister and cousins who were in to the rave scene, so obviously, I was drawn to the UK Garage scene from a young age. I used to travel up and down the country, just so I could go to events such as Garage Nation and Sidewinder. I was lucky enough to grow up in MK where at that time, Sanctuary, was the one of the top spots in the country for all raves. I would more time be paying £25 for a ticket and then also be buying the tape pack when it was released the week after. I couldn’t go without a day listening to the likes of MC Viper, Creed, CKP, B-Live, Sparks and Kie and of course Heartless Crew.

I took to music from my early teens, working with F-T, who I still have the pleasure of working with today. After Uni, I decided to take some time out and took to hosting for DJ’s with New Money Recordings. However, a year ago I was given an opportunity by New Money. I rebranded myself, found my lane, and worked towards creating a sound that was unique to myself. As some of you may already be aware, I now go by the name of Mils.

I teamed up with MC Bushkin from HLC and we worked in the studio with F-T to work on a track entitled Pum Pum. The name of the track alone caused a stir as you can imagine, so if you hear a track called Zum Zum being spun on the radio, you can put 2 and 2 together and work out the rest. In the build up to its release, Bushkin asked me to attend various bookings with him up and down the country which we are still doing. The big one though, which was more personal to me, was Sidewinder Summer Festival 2016 in Manchester.

Sidewinder Summer Festival was everything and more than I expected. It was an honour and a blessing to be bought out onto the main stage during the Heartless Crew set. It proved that HLC really are the pioneers in the UK, and only Fonti has the ability to stop a UKG set mid-way, then flip it to Dancehall, to allow me and Bushkin to perform our track. The response was great, especially as not many people had heard the song. All round the event as a whole was brilliant. I got to witness the Godfather himself Wiley shut down alongside the likes of Scratchy and Gods Gift. It was an experience that I definitely won’t forget and the recent news of HLC being “Officially” back together is a credit to the scene.

Thanks to all those who have been involved in my project. I have my EP entitled “BOLLYHOOD” dropping in October and the track with Bushkin, along with the visual, will be dropping very soon. Keep your eyes peeled and I thanks to all of you who’ve been supporting me on this journey, I’m truly humbled..

Sidewinder Mils