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1) Call 08432 899699 or email the following information

  • upto 3 preferred dates
  • Contact Number
  • Groupon Security Code

2) We will check the available slots and email you back within 48hrs or book you in over the phone

3) Confirmation is received after any payment if required and booking confirmed.

4) Enjoy your groupon.

New Money Entertainment has partnered with Groupon to offer special priced offers to everyone available only at a limited time. These studio experiences are perfect gifts for everyone with an interest in music and for the amateur to the professional artist or musician. Perfect for bands, groups and solo acts and most of our exclusive offers that are on Groupon are not made available to anyone else or even through our own services. Our Groupon deals are great for parties, rappers, singers, songwriters, acoustic performers, friends, relatives, hen parties, and more.

Important Information:nhm-logo

Your first choice of date may not be available as we receive huge influx of requests. We suggest you send up to 3 days; dates or times that you would prefer to avoid any disappointment. We will attempt to book you in with your first choice however if this is not available we will have to select your secondary option.


Confirmation is sent to the email address used to contact us.

Warning! Using a work email address may cause your confirmation to be rejected and we use an automated system and this may be blocked by work mail servers we suggest using a personal email address.