Studio Services

At New Money Studios™ we provide one of the best recording services in the world using the perfect combination of only the best and highest quality studio equipment available, making sure we maintain the most high fidelity signal paths for our clients. A 15x35ft acoustically treated recording booth carries 16 channels straight to the control room, ideal for band recordings and multi-tracking large ensembles. Accommodating not only one but two award wining Neumann U87ai's patched through the all-time most favoured Avalon VT-737SP tube mic pre, monitored through the industry standard Beyerdynamic DT150's.

Each recording session is bundled with a free standard mix and master per track/song and will be burnt to a compact disc (additional copies will be an extra £1.80 per CD). We can also burn the whole DAW projects as a data disc for £5 per disc.

The control room has been acoustically treated and built using precise psychoacoustic analysation and calculations. Fine tuned to get clear and flat sonic results. With all this time and care in building and setting the room acoustically right, we can assure and maintain high quality and industry standard conditions when mixing music.

Using the best of both worlds, at New Money Studios™ our engineers use a unique way of hybrid mixing that combines the richness of outboard gear and industry standard software plugins to achieve optimum results. Whether its analogue or digital mixing we can make sure you get the best out of your music and art.


Audio Recording (1 – 3hrs)

£60ph inc. Recording Engineer

Audio Recording (4 – 8hrs)

£45ph inc. Recording Engineer

Audio Recording Per Day (8hr): from £225

From £225 per day

Audio Recording Per Day (8hr) + Full Session Filming & Edit + Exclusive Digital/Original Copy of Video

From £575 per day

1 backing track audio track recording + digital video (45min)

£90 (add photos & edit for £30)

3 backing track audio track recording + digital video + photographs & photo edit (90min)


Audio Mixing

£50 per track

Video Editing

£25 per minute of footage

Audio Mastering per track


CD Duplication

Please contact us for quotes

Music Videos

Please contact us for more details

Commercial & Promotional Videos (full production) (day rate)

From £250

For Album and Commercial ( >8hrs) work please contact us T: 01908 510 566 or